Black Trousers for Women Can Be Found in a Huge Variety of Styles

black trousers women

Black trousers for women are usually made from heavy cotton and have a high slant to them. They are almost always knee-length or longer, although they can be worn shorter if required. They are very useful for performing outdoor tasks and can be matched with a wide range of accessories and tops to create a look which combines fashion with function. The right combination can make you look stylish while being tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of the course or road.

How To Choose Black Trousers Women

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Trousers were traditionally worn by men on military ships and in the Navy. Since trousers were often navy blue there was a popular misconception that these were formal navy trousers which required skirts of white. But in fact navy trouser pants are much more casual than this image. In fact, many people who do not have navy blue as their favorite color are wearing black trousers for women which are just as elegant but do not match the official dress code.

Traditional Pant Style

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The traditional pant style is the basic trouser leg with a close lacing and closed at the ankle. The black trousers for women with a close lacing are very flattering on legs which are slightly rounded or have a little bit of an hourglass shape. It helps to balance out the roundness. Black trousers for women with an open ankle are usually fitted at the ankle and have a flap to allow movement in the front. They are ideal for wearing with a pencil skirt, especially if it is a zipped one so that you do not need to wear a waist cincher. The open ended style can also work if you want to show off your legs and not be overly fussy about what you wear with it.

Gabardine Trousers

Some black trousers for women are made from a blend of cotton material and polyester. These are generally called gabardine trousers as they are designed to roll up to the thigh rather than fold over. The benefit of this is that they are very quick to put on and take off and they are therefore ideal for the office or for casual dress. Cotton material is breathable and will absorb moisture which will keep you comfortable and dry in hot weather. These particular styles of black trousers for women are usually available in solid colours such as black, navy, grey and brown.

Another alternative to the cotton material used in making black pants is a mixture of the two mentioned fabrics. This style is called chino trousers, as opposed to gabardine. Chinos are similar in construction to chino guayule but have a slightly looser fit and are far more lightweight as well. The main benefit of these types of black pants for women is that they tend to run a lot shorter than a regular pair of black trousers, as they are more of a short/slim fit, and they are therefore ideal for shaping your legs and adding shape.

Women’s black trousers Color

One of the most important aspects of looking good and feeling comfortable in your black trousers for women is the colour, and more specifically, the type of colour that you choose to wear with them. These days, black trousers for women are often manufactured in a range of different prints, including animal prints, stripes, polka dots and floral prints. There are also more sophisticated options such as pleats and zebra stripes. These more elaborate and stylish styles tend to be made from a more expensive fabric and so may be out of the budget of many. However, it is still possible to find black trousers for women that suit your taste perfectly, no matter what your budget might be.

Women’s black trousers for women can be purchased from a number of places. Most women’s clothing stores will stock a good selection of these versatile pants, and it is also possible to purchase them online. Choosing the right sort of black trousers for women is all about finding something you really like and will look good with your other clothes. There are basically three styles to consider, those that go knee-high, those that come up to the ankle and those that are cargo pants. No matter what style you are looking for, it is important to ensure that it will match other items of clothing in your wardrobe.


The most popular styles of pants are the knee-high variety which tend to be made from a mix of cotton fabric and polyester or nylon, and those that come up to the ankle. Cargo pants are great for outings and can be very practical as they provide an excellent way of covering up if you get dressed down. There are also a number of different styles of polyester or nylon trouser. All these options can be found at any good department store that sells women’s clothing, but if you would like to shop online, there are a large number of online retailers that provide a wide range of colourful and stylish trousers for women that can be delivered straight to your home.

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