Choosing Your High Waisted Lingerie Set

high waisted lingerie set

Nothing boosts your sex appeal more than a high waisted lingerie set. Play up sexy appearance with high waisted garters or go for the opposite and go casual and cool with a lace-up pair of see-through pants and a see-through halter-neck top. In the game of love, every level heightens your partner’s anticipation and high waisted lingerie would be the icing on the cake. Not just to jazz things up but also to emphasize your point. Here are some reasons why:

It’s cute. Yes, it’s a very obvious point but people often make one big mistake. They think that they can look sexy in high waisted or see through high waisted panties as well. But believe me, they can’t. The problem is that high waisted lingerie sets are not only sexy but they are also practical, which means that you can use them to hide panty lines and then top them up with sexy stockings to give you a really seductive look.

It Can Spice Things Up

Imagine how naughty your partner would be when he sees you wearing something really revealing like fishnet stockings, high waisted shorts and high waisted lingerie sets. It will definitely turn him on especially if your bra and panties are matching. So, what if you’re not the adventurous type and you prefer to keep things just the way they are? You can wear sheer lingerie and teddies. There are high waisted baby doll sets available also.

Your baby doll lingerie doesn’t have to be a set. You can wear one piece of it and pair it with a thong. If you’re into bikinis you can wear a bikini bottom and high waisted lingerie sets. If you have more modesty, you can still look good with high waisted panties and even a frilly bralette. You don’t have to go super sheer to look good!

Various Types

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There are many types of high waisted lingerie. The basic set comes with two separate pieces of fabric that match. A plain colored thong or G-string is included along with a bra. Some high waisted pairs come with boy shorts instead of a bra.

For the adventurous ones among you, high waisted baby dolls can act as your man’s man-bag. Put it in front of the computer. He’ll love watching those HD movies that you load onto your laptop. Match the baby doll lingerie with high waisted boy shorts and a thong. He can hide under the cover of the net curtains while you surf the web.

You can also choose the sexiest styles of high waisted panties. Some sets come with fishnet stockings that go all the way up to mid thighs. Others feature a stretch lace-like material that hugs your calves. For daring women, the thigh high, stretchable material is great for wearing as a skirt. Don’t forget the bras – they come in high waisted varieties too!

Buying Tips

With so many options available, shopping for a high waisted lingerie set should be a fun experience. It shouldn’t be an overwhelming shopping experience either. Be patient and make sure that you’re happy with your selection when you reach the lingerie store. Try on several items before purchasing any so that you know what size will best fit you. And remember, a little innocent shopping will go a long way!

When choosing your high waisted lingerie set, keep a few basic things in mind. First, the fabric must be comfortable. Try on some sexy fabrics like silk or cotton, try out some sheer fabrics, but stay away from anything that could irritate the skin. The other important factor is the type of lingerie. Make sure that you’re buying something that you think you’ll love for a long time.

If you’re looking for something exciting and different, you might want to consider something like a thong, which is essentially an open piece of lingerie with only a small strip of cloth showing through. A thong is especially great if you don’t care about seeing the outside of your underwear. A thong can be very revealing, but it’s comfortable and practical for all day use. If you’re just looking for a high waisted bra or dress, you might want to try a demi-cup bra, which sits low and reveals a little bit without being too see-through.


A high waisted lingerie set is a great way to get you noticed, and the best part is you can get them in a variety of materials and styles. Go online to browse the thousands of styles and colors of high waisted lingerie that’s available today. You might even find your favorite kind of lingerie at a discount online! It’s just a matter of taking the time to look.

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