Different Styles of B balconette Bras

balconette bra

For all those women who are blessed with fuller, voluptuous, full breasts, the only way to go is to buy themselves a pair of Balconette bras. This ultra-sexy style of bra is one of the best selling bras in the world and has been for decades. In fact the first Balconette bras were designed for a very similar reason – to hide and accentuate all that fantastic feminine figure. So what makes a Balconette bra so alluring and why should you buy yourself one? Well, we could start off by telling you that the difference between a Balconette bra and a demi-cup is purely cosmetic and really is just about the size of the cup, because the cup which comes underneath your clothes is different to the cup which is visible above your clothes. So, basically if you buy yourself a Balconette bra you will look good, no matter what you are wearing.

Advantages Of Buying Bunch Of Balconette Bras

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There are many advantages of buying yourself a bunch of balconette bras. For a start, they provide ample coverage all round. The smaller cups on a Balconette Bra provide a little less coverage than either a demi-cup or a regular demi, but for an extra emphasis on your bigger natural breasts, this is definitely a plus. The strapless bras in particular are very supportive. The wider straps allow you to wear the jacket more effectively which improves your posture and relieves the stress on your shoulders.

One of the main reasons why balconette bras work well for larger-chested women is because they provide generous amounts of lift. Women with larger breasts usually have to resort to ‘boob jobs’ in order to gain any sort of lift – and this can be extremely painful and expensive! But when a larger cup comes with a wider strap, this gives you a more streamlined silhouette and a much better silhouette makes you look slimmer. Also, if you’re worried about large cup shapes then you will feel more secure as the extra coverage means you don’t need to worry about your breasts getting saggy.

U shaped and V shaped

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There are two main types of balconies – U shaped and V shaped. Both of these styles give the wearer a slim, smooth and sexy neckline. You can either choose one of the two bra styles mentioned above or a plain demi-cup style. But, the most popular out there is the U shaped as it emphasises your bust area and gives your shoulders some additional definition.

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With this style you can go either with a halter or with wide shoulder straps. If you decide on the halter, make sure it is not too long as this will interfere with your breathing. And if you choose wide shoulder straps it will complement the shape of your breasts nicely but ensure they don’t dig into your shoulders (this is quite common when wearing a padded bra). If you have bigger, droopy breasts then this will give them more definition around the neckline and ensure your cleavage is highlighted.

Summing Up

Lastly there are also the stretchable bras. These come in a variety of styles and are made to have straps which can be set wider apart. These types of bras are very comfortable to wear as they mould to your body and are very flexible and breathable. There are even some that have little wings on the back that add an attractive feature to the style. When choosing which one of these bras is the perfect fit, it’s important to try them on in the store so you get a good idea of how the straps move and whether you like the way the fabric feels against your skin.

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