Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Velvet Lingerie Set

velvet lingerie set

The world of undergarment may come uncharted to most. Lingerie goes more than being just a simple undergarment, it is outrightly a beautiful, creative, and functional clothing for women. If chosen right, a lingerie set can effectively showcase your confidence and femininity at full blast. If you are new to the world of lingerie, it steps you out of your comfort zone whilst still keeping you in total control.

There are some factors you should consider before choosing your lingerie set, so as to fully satisfy your wants and needs. Hence, we discuss some factors to consider when choosing your velvet lingerie set.


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It is advisable to get fit before choosing your velvet lingerie set. The reason for this is to have the knowledge of your size, so as to choose a lingerie that complements your body perfectly. It also allows you to choose the best style. This way, you’ll also be able to make sure that your lingerie doesn’t have a gaping cup or a band that doesn’t support.

You should, however, not get hung up on your size as that’s not the point. If the lingerie feels good on you, it’ll definitely look good on you.



An important factor to consider before getting that lingerie set is your preference and lifestyle. Get lingerie that you’ll always find beautiful and sexy. What you may consider sexy may be considered plain by another woman, so do not get intimidated into getting a set you don’t desire.


Considering the comfort factor is especially important if your lingerie is to serve your day-to-day needs. Get different colors of lingerie sets; t-shirt bras and bralettes for example. Though cotton lingerie sets feel the most comfortable on most women, you should consider getting those embellished with lace and velvet to give you that sensual appeal. You may consider lingerie with spandex to give you that stretch comfort.


Even if exquisite lingerie is not your thing, you still should have some sensuous lingerie sets available. Lingerie opens up a different kind of energy and feeling in women, so having a few baby doll lingerie sets or other sexy ones won’t hurt. Ensure you choose quality lingerie sets though.

Special Events

If you’re choosing a lingerie set for special life events, you should prioritize energy over comfort. Choose lingerie sets that you necessarily won’t wear daily, but just once in a long time. Say you’re going for your honeymoon, your lingerie set can make the special events even more unforgettable. Velvet lingerie sets are especially suitable for these kinds of events.


This is another important factor. The right lingerie set will flatter your figure, accentuating your shape. It is normal to acknowledge your body’s endowments. Choose a lingerie that flaunts these endowments and plays down whatever flaw there may be.


Choosing a lingerie set may prove hard sometimes, especially for newbies. There are factors you should consider before determining what velvet lingerie set to choose. Hence, we discuss some of these factors.

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