Ladies Underwear: 10 Underwear Types You Must Know Exists

Ladies Underwear: 10 Underwear Types You Must Know Exists

As our hip-size varies, so does the size of a ladies underwear. Unlike the complication of getting a right-sized bra, it is not too difficult to get the right underwear. You have to do one thing that’s choosing your right style and feel comfortable in it.

The designs and styles of lingerie are based on a variety of functions of various clothing types. So, wearing right or wrong underwear can make or break your outfit look. That’s why don’t invest in a bunch of same panties rather select good-fitted underwear. Otherwise, it will kill your mood for sure.

If you are not aware of various underwear types, then you will know about them now:

Thong: Super Minimal Ladies Underwear

This underwear gives minimal coverage. At the back, thongs have T-strings. Just we see in a bikini; it stays at least three inches below the waist. Also, the sides of the thong rest over the hipbone. And they come in all fabric styles. It means you can wear anywhere, anytime.

Ladies Underwear: 10 Underwear Types You Must Know Exists
Ladies Underwear: 10 Underwear Types You Must Know Exists

Hipster Sits On Your Hips Well

The waistband of this hipster sits perfectly on the hips. It has moderately low-cut leg holes to giving plenty of coverage. Also, these hipsters are available in styles and comfortable fabrics.

Bikini: Ladies Underwear With Less Coverage

These are similar to briefs, just without much coverage like the latter. Its waistband hugs you three inches below the waist. Along with that, leg holes are high-cut. These can come with strings, making leg holes from tying the strings. You can get bikinis in comfortable fabrics as well as delicate ones, like argyle mesh or lace.

G-String Forms T-Shape

G-strings give less coverage, and it barely covers the private part. Just like wearing a thong, it creates a T-shape but with tinier string. Your g-string might seem like a loincloth with thin straps. To design such extremely swish lingerie, delicate fabrics are highly in demand.

Brief Covers Lots

With briefs, women get plenty of front and back coverage. So, you can understand that these briefs are designed to offer optimum comfort. Therefore, they come in variety oh shapes, sizes, and designs. For example, some have low-cut, and some have high-cut. Just because briefs are all about comfort, mostly nylon, microfiber, and cotton are traditional fabrics.

Boyshorts But It’s Ladies Underwear

As the name suggests, these shorts are named after men’s briefs. Unlike other women’s panties, boyshorts have a rectangular shape. And also, it is very similar to the hipster. However, this underwear for women has low-cut leg holes. As with boyshorts, comfort is the main lookout; it also comes in microfiber cotton and nylon.

Tanga Brief: Minimal Coverage

The best part is, tanga brief gives you minimal coverage, which also makes you look extremely sensuous. These tanga briefs give back coverage, which is higher than a thong. However, though it is narrower to a bikini. If you are searching for a hybrid between a thong and a bikini, then try out tanga brief.

High-Cut Ladies Underwear

High-cut ladies underwear is also known as French-cut underwear. Similar to classic briefs it has high-waist. However, it showcases high-cut leg holes, which rise above your most extensive part of the thighs. With the few similarities, these high-cuts are a kind of bikini-brief hybrid. Also, these are available in microfiber to mesh fabrics.

Ladies Underwear: 10 Underwear Types You Must Know Exists
Ladies Underwear: 10 Underwear Types You Must Know Exists

Control Brief Creates Smooth Silhouette

This brief has a shapewear function, unlike regular briefs. This style also projects a very smooth silhouette around one’s abdomen. Along with that, it hugs the waist till the belly button. 

Seamless Ladies Underwear

For seamless underwear, lace and cotton fabrics are the most-loved materials. So, you get very smooth coverage. Apart from that, this cotton underwear gives comfort to your hips. And you can put on your tee and joggers over it for the day. If the material for seamless underwear is cotton, then you can embrace its elegance every day.

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