Look Alluring Mysterious And Sexy Like A Blonde In Black Lingerie

blonde in black lingerie

Look Alluring, Mysterious, And Sexy Like A Blonde In Black Lingerie

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Black is one of the most popular lingerie colors. It is sometimes referred to as the “Ultimate Dark”. Black lingerie was not always so popular. Until somewhere around the 1920’s, lingerie was primarily white. Around that time it made a slight shift to other colors such as light pastels. These lighter colors were immediately embraced by women everywhere and eventually led the way to the plethora of colors we now enjoy.

The Perception Of Black

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The color black has long been associated with the night. Black is the absence of color. In clothing, black is visually slimming. Black, as well as other darker colors, can make a space appear to shrink in size and even a brightly lit room can look very dark when there is an abundance of black. An example of a common type of black lingerie is leather lingerie.

The Enticing Black

The form and vision of the female silhouette has been an alluring presence throughout the ages and is still used in many ways today to entice and arouse. The silhouette is enticing in the way that lingerie is enticing. The silhouette is pleasantly appealing like fine lingerie, showing enough to please your mind, but not too much, thus leaving room for your imagination to fill in the blanks with your own unique and erotic thoughts.

What About Selecting The Black Lingerie?

What about that woman who chooses black lingerie as the lingerie piece she will wear for the day? When black lingerie is chosen, it signifies a bold choice in color and reflects in a bold personality. Studies have proven that women who choose to wear black lingerie are many times much bolder in their daily lives than someone who wears white. When a person who is not usually bold wears black, they are looking to get noticed.

There is also a sultry side of black that allures both sexes. Black is considered “the dark side” and offers a certain level of mystery to the person who is wearing it. It exudes confidence and demands attention. If you are a woman who wears black lingerie, it is likely that you are sure of yourself, often times feel sexy and have no problems with taking control and showing dominance in many, if not all, aspects of your life.

Never Go Wrong With Black

No matter how classic black tends to be, it will forever be known as a sultry, seductive and mysterious color that can fit any situation flawlessly. If in doubt with what lingerie color to choose, select a black lingerie piece – it will always be perfect!

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