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If you are looking for a good lingerie set plus size, you have a lot of different options. It depends on your needs and expectations. One thing that is common with most lingerie choices is that there is a wide range in sizes from large through small. Some women are very petite, some are larger, but no matter your size, you will find lingerie that will make you look and feel great.

An Overview

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About 14% of all women who shop for lingerie are plus sized, and 12% are women’s intimate sleepwear. A large number of plus lingerie selections are available to you, including familiar name brand favorites, plus size specialty sets, and non-traditional novelty sets. The more unique or unusual the lingerie you choose, the better. Many specialty stores that specialize in plus size lingerie offer a wonderful assortment at discounted prices. Many of them will also provide a free trial.

When choosing a lingerie set, it is a good idea to get several opinions. It is a lot more fun to shop with friends, so asking friends for their opinions on particular lingerie sets is a good way to start. You could ask your significant other, or your friends’ mothers, or any other woman who might be able to offer advice. If you don’t know anyone who has tried lingerie or understands the terminology and sizes, you could try shopping with a group of your female friends. Lingerie is not expensive, and you can usually find some lingerie sets at department stores for only a few dollars. Buying lingerie online is another great option if you want the added convenience of shopping from home.

Buying Tips

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If you are buying a lingerie set as gifts for other women, you’ll want to take into account the size of the woman you will be giving the gift to. There are lingerie sets designed to fit all sizes, but these may be hard to find. Women often feel uncomfortable purchasing plus-size lingerie, but there are some brands of lingerie that offer sizing charts for their customers. Just because a brand offers a sizing chart for their products doesn’t mean that the items are plus-size; sometimes the charts are just simply drawn to be confusing.

Women’s lingerie typically comes in two sizes: cup size F and cup size S. These sizing charts should be used for sizing by the manufacturer, but they are also helpful when trying to fit lingerie by yourself. Be sure to purchase the correct size according to your own measurements. Also, remember that lingerie that doesn’t fit will not look and feel flattering, so think of the lingerie set as an investment in your own comfort. You don’t want to get lingerie that won’t give you the support and confidence you need. It may be worth spending more on the lingerie itself than on the sizing chart.

Fitting Matters

If you cannot find plus-size lingerie that fits correctly, or if you’d prefer a custom-made size, you may have to settle for regular lingerie. Check the return policy of your favorite store or boutique before you buy a lingerie set, as lingerie is sometimes impossible to return once it arrives in the mail. You may have to settle for a different color or design than you wanted, or you may have to settle for a size that does not flatter you. However, there are places on the Internet where you can find a wide selection of plus-sized lingerie. The best sites for lingerie tend to offer excellent sizing data and detailed design ideas, so that you can select the perfect lingerie set that will fit and flatter you.

If you want to order regular lingerie from your local department store, you should keep in mind that many stores have a size chart that might be more difficult to read than the size charts found on the Internet. Most department stores allow you to look at their size charts online; but if they don’t, you should call their customer service number on the packaging label or at the store to find out their size chart. Some department stores allow you to return any bras or other intimates bought in the store, but you will usually have to pay a surcharge for this option. Some women also find it helpful to carry an extra bra with them in case the first one gives them trouble or does not fit properly. This extra bra should be the correct size for the lingerie you are buying.


When you get your plus-size lingerie set, you will probably notice that each item has a tag saying “slimming” or “fairly thin”. These are measuring techniques used by some manufacturers to determine bra size. They are not the only guidelines for sizing, however, and your lingerie should always be tried on before purchasing it. You will find that it is more comfortable to try it on in your own home than in a store, so do not be afraid to take your time and try on several different lingerie items.

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