Sexy Add-ons For Black Strappy Lingerie

black strappy lingerie

Strappy lingerie is one of the sexiest styles of all. Whether it’s a sexy piece of a camisole or a silky baby doll, the allure of black lingerie can’t be denied. And when it comes to wearing it, you don’t have to look far. Black lingerie is available in literally hundreds of different styles. From high-cut pieces to cutesy negligees, you can wear black lingerie to get the party started or to seduce your partner. Here are just a few of the many styles of black strappy lingerie:

Sports Lingerie

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Many women love sports, and if you do too, you might want to look great in a sports bra. There are two-piece options with underwire cups, cup designs, and straps that make for a comfortable fit and easy to carry. This kind of lingerie is great if you like to play sports such as basketball, volleyball, or even golf. It is also great because it will keep you from getting injured. Sports lingerie comes in basic styles in color black as well as more revealing styles.


With black as the dominant color, bedding sets the mood for the evening. Whether it’s an elegant satin bed dress or a cute little black dress that hugs your body, you will feel sexy in your boudoir when you wear bedding. Black lingerie is not only practical, but it looks stunning against any fabric. Bedding is available in basic styles as well as more revealing pieces. Strappy black lingerie is a favorite among many women because it looks sexy yet feminine at the same time.

Baby Doll Lingerie

For those who prefer a more demure look, baby doll lingerie is a perfect choice. Look for styles that feature a basic design, like a basic black strapless bodice with a ruffled colored crinoline top. Baby doll lingerie has always been a favorite among women because it features a classic look that never goes out of style.

Sexy Corsets

Sexy Corsets are another popular piece of black lingerie. A sexy Corset can make all the difference in the world. Whether you want to show off your figure or create a sensual mood, a corset is a perfect choice. Black is the perfect shade for a corset to pair with black stockings and knee boots. The sexy straps of a corset will draw the eye down your back and to the front of your thighs.

Strappy Bra Straps

Another classic style of black lingerie is a lacy bra. The alluring straps of these bras draw the eye down your torso, where your bust line is. Lacy black straps are also often used as a form of nipple protection. Look for a bra with large, padded cups to lift your breasts. If your breasts are too large, a large uplifting bra may be needed to lift them and create cleavage.


Teddies are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Teddies come in so many exciting styles and colors today that there is something for everyone. If your everyday lingerie collection doesn’t include a teddy, try adding one or two of these delightful baby items. You’ll feel like a kid again after slipping between those soft, beautiful teddies!

Final Words

Baby Doll Lingerie Baby dolls have always been another sexy addition to black lingerie collections. They allow the garments to drape and mold around the body as desired. A great characteristic of these garments is their ability to adjust to body size, creating just the right look for any woman. A baby doll typically hugs your body from the bust down. This creates a wonderful, alluring silhouette and helps to balance your figure.

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