Silky Sheer Dress – How To Care For It

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The Silky Sheer Dress is a very popular lingerie item. It is made of silk and satin and has a pretty lacy design. If you want to buy one, make sure you consider how to care for it. These are delicate items that will not hold up well to heavy daily wear. This means that they should be stored away from other silken lingerie and only worn at night or on special occasions when you know you will be wearing a loose-fitting gown.

Avoid Washing Silk Fabric In Machine

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Since silk is not natural, you will want to avoid washing it in a machine. Instead, hand wash the item by hand in cold water using a gentle detergent. Never tumble dry it or use an iron while washing it as this can cause fading and a loss of the silk grains in the material.

You should never place the silk sheer dress into the dryer either. The heat from the dryer can cause the weave to pull and tear the garment. You should also avoid using the dryer on a delicate area, such as the neckline or shoulders. Any blemishes or marks on the fabric will become permanent and impossible to get rid of.

Exchange In Case Of Wrinkles

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If your silky sheer dress becomes wrinkly after a few months, take it back to the store and exchange it for a new one. The fabric can become threadbare and lose its shape. Although most stores will have similar garments in their lingerie collection, there is no guarantee that the same garment will fit you the second time. If you still like the item, you can keep it. However, you may not find the shape you were looking for and you are stuck with a lot of extra work trying to restore the garment.

To care for silken sheer dresses, you need to keep them away from direct sunlight. Silks tend to fade over time. Wear your sheer dress out for a few minutes every day to give it time to breathe and air out. You can also use a silky sheer blouse made of lighter weight material to put it on. These blouses will make it easier to iron and wash.

The easiest way to care for a silky sheer dress is to hand wash it on a gentle cycle. A gentle cycle is recommended because the garment will not be exposed to harsh detergents. If you want to try a harsher solution, you can purchase a mild shampoo made specifically for silk. Laundry detergent made for regular clothes will also do the job.

Do not wring your silky sheer dress, even if you intend to wear it again. The beads can become tangled and cause the dress to become wrinkled. Also, to preserve the integrity of the fabric, do not machine wash your silky sheer dress, particularly if you were planning to wear it over a longer period of time. This will cause the dress to lose shape and form and look disheveled.

Keep Your Silky Sheer Dress In Good Condition

It is important that you keep your silky sheer dress in good condition as well as possible. Regularly iron it to maintain its form and curl. If you have delicate skin, avoid scrubbing your sheer dress with your hands as you could risk irritating your skin. Also, do not use an ironing board as you could damage your garment. Silky sheer dresses should be cleaned by a professional once or twice a year.

Summing Up

To preserve the beauty of your silky sheer lingerie, do not expose it to the elements. A gentle spray of candle wax or almond oil on the garment and then hang it to dry will keep it in a shimmery condition. You may also want to line your bra with tissue paper before wearing it so that stains are easily removed.

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