Swimsuits: All About Modest Swimwear

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Swimsuits are not just for a vacation, they are designed to fit into many different occasions and activities. There are several options available when it comes to swimsuits, modest swimwear worn by children to the more revealing swimsuits for adults. By choosing the right kind of swimsuit for your specific occasion you can be sure to be comfortable in your swimwear, yet still, be seen.

Various Types Of Swimwear:

The first type of modest swimwear that is appropriate for most situations is cotton or synthetic blend swimsuit. These garments allow for full coverage of the breasts and other areas that would be visible through a string bikini. They also have a lower body, to fit beneath the pants for modesty. You can wear this type of swimsuit with pants or bare legs as well.

Modest Swimwear
Swimsuits: All About Modest Swimwear

Silicone coated materials, such as Lycra are also available for clothing choices that are appropriate for modesty but still look great. Because these swimsuits are thinner than most standard swimsuits, these swimsuits also tend to be more comfortable for swimming, due to the lower body design.

Most women’s modest swimwear choices today are designed for either the holiday season or special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and others. They are meant to make wearing a swimsuit more comfortable, but still, look good.

For the pregnant woman or nursing mother, there are those which are designed specifically for breastfeeding. They may be large on the top with a small bottom or may have a second bottom so it is easier to push out. They also have a lower waist and lower leg designs to make it easy to swim.

Swimsuits: All About Modest Swimwear.
Swimsuits: All About Modest Swimwear

For the beachgoer, there are also options for modest swimwear that are shorter and more compact. Some of these options include the old classic bathing suit which is either knee-length or thigh-length. These types of swimsuits will still cover the whole body, including the lower parts, but will not be as revealing as a string bikini.

Available In Variety Of Styles:

Another type of modest swimwear for those who want to be modest while still looking great is an under-the-knee or bathing suit. These swimsuits are generally the same as the traditional ones but are designed to leave the legs uncovered and not draw attention to other parts of the body.

Many women will spend a large amount of money on a bathing suit. They will look to add accessories to make it more stylish. Often times, women will invest in a few different pieces of clothing and then mix and match them to create a fashionable look.

Larger women can wear beach swimsuits as well but will usually wear these in the summer and go to the beach for a day of swimming instead of staying home. Of course, they will choose a more modest swimsuit if they plan to stay at home in the winter.

When you are shopping for a swimsuit, you should try to find a range of different types and styles so you can be sure to find one that is comfortable and fits the occasion that you will be wearing it for. You should also try to find something that is low-rise and an A-line. If the bathing suit is flared, it will show cleavage.

For women who live in more moderate climates, there are still some modest swimwear options available. Typically, these suits made out of more neutral colors such as whites and tans. This allows you to wear the type of bathing suit that you like but is still considered modest in comparison to the swimsuits worn in more liberal areas.


Finally, there are swimsuits that are considered to be modest swimwear but do not fit the standards for modesty. These are generally those that are longer in length and do not have a low-rise.

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