The High Waisted Lingerie Top Set

High Waisted Lingerie Top Set

When the high waistline was first introduced, they were created as a modern alternative to the bustier. They have been used for decades to add a little flair to lingerie designs and give the woman in your life a little extra lift. But as the popularity of this style of lingerie increases, the designers are now adding a variety of other sexy pieces to make them even more tantalizing.

One of the best parts about a high waisted top set is that they look great on almost any body shape. Some women have an hourglass shape that is ideal for this type of lingerie. It provides a bit of a boost to the bust and a nice rounder shape. Other women have a pear-shaped figure that is perfect for this style of lingerie. They provide a nice rounder shape and provide a little lift to the stomach.

Types Of High Waisted Lingerie Top Set

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Other popular options include the A-line, spaghetti straps, halter neck, strapless and empire waistlines. Each of these styles of design offer a few different advantages to the wearer. These are discussed below.

The A-Line

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The A-line is most appropriate for women with an hourglass body shape. The strapless style gives the illusion of being strapless but is not, which means that the bra can be placed under the arms and still have a great looking silhouette. For most women, this is the perfect option because it allows for the best of both worlds.

Strapless Tops

Strapless tops usually feature a corset or camisole. This style is perfect for women who want to give their body a bit of a shape change without having to wear an actual bra. It also has some of the best shaping benefits of any top set. The A-line is also the most popular choice for women who want to give the appearance of wearing a corset or a camisole.

Strapless designs are perfect for women who want to add some sexiness to their lingerie designs. The main problem with a traditional bra is that they will always ride up the front of the clothing. With the strapless top set, the bust can be lifted up and off the body giving the bustier the illusion of being larger than it actually is. This can be great for those who want to provide a little lift to the upper body while still being able to enjoy the freedom of movement that is provided by the top. with a strapless top set.

Halter Neck

Halter neck, spaghetti straps and empire waistlines can provide some of the most stunning looking designs for your bodice. If you love the look of a strapless top and a high waistline combined, you should consider adding one of these two styles to your next sexy lingerie collection. The empire waistline allows for a little lift and helps to elongate the body so that your curves are more prominent. However, it also adds some weight to the waist which will make it look great on women with an hourglass figure.

You can get either a strapless or empire waistline as well as a halter neck, spaghetti straps, halter neck and empire waistline in a variety of different materials. You can easily find a wide variety of colors and designs so that you can match them with any outfit that you wear.

Summing Up

So whether you want something to accent your curves or you want to add just a bit of sexiness to an outfit, you can find all of these styles in either a corset a strapless bra or a lacy empire waist cincher that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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