Types Of Lingerie For Wedding Night

lingerie tank top

One of the best known lingerie styles from the 60s is the tank top. Most commonly this style is made from cotton and has elastic bands at the top of the tank. This allows for ease of movement while still maintaining the comfort of the wearer.

These tank tops are most often seen on the beach and at parties. However, they have a long history in the fashion industry as well and can be found in many different styles today. Read on to learn more about this timeless classic!

Butterfly Lingerie Tank Top

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Also known as a Butterfly Cami, the lingerie tank top described above features a smooth, open, satin front with several intricate lace or ruche panels to help dress the bust. It often comes in a ruffled cami top with detachable spaghetti straps. Usually a single silk detachable satin ribbon is included in the set. The design is delicate with a peak of exposed ruched satin at the top of the bust.

Camisole Chemise

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The camisole described above is similar to the classic camisole in the way it is sometimes described as a loose fitting, stretch fabric that can be machine washed. Typically, the camisole features an elastic band around the waist to secure the dress-like appearance.

The camisole is sometimes used as a standalone piece instead of just being used as a cover up for jeans. Some women like to wear a camisole alone with a matching skirt and pair of shorts for a comfortable summer look.

Canvas Chemise

The classic cami is also often called a “canvas”. Like the camisole, it features an elastic band along the waist to help secure a fitted look. A very pretty fabric that dates back to the 15th century, the modern cotton canvas is very stretchy, comfortable, and can be machine washed. It typically has some sort of floral or leaf design. Many women choose a floral print for their cami simply because it reminds them of flowers. Others like a more modern floral design that’s not too bright.


The bodysuit or outfit is comparable to a camisole except it doesn’t have a matching camisole. It is often worn as a standalone piece underneath a skirt or top. The bodysuit is made of material such as cotton, silk, or satin and may be colored in a variety of pastel shades. The bodysuit is sometimes referred to as a sweater dress or a sweat suit and is extremely versatile for wearing over and under any type of clothing.

Short Sleeved Or Halter Top

The short sleeved or halter top is similar to a sleeveless lingerie. The halter tops have no straps and are generally found in a classic cream color. They are typically used as a wedding night piece, since they allow the woman to show a large part of her arms. Some people refer to them as “bareback wedding nights” because they allow the woman to show off her bare midsection without any further support from underneath garments.

The bustier or corset is similar to a corset but it doesn’t have underwire. Instead, the bustier is simply a long, lightweight piece of lingerie that goes to the top of the bust. Sometimes called a corset, it can be worn with almost anything and is an excellent choice for a wedding night. Most brides opt for a bustier or corset during their wedding night because they’re comfortable and flattering to the bride’s figure.

The suspender belt is another kind of lingerie that doesn’t have a cup or a wired support. It consists of a lace trim around the waist with adjustable straps and usually has a satin lining.

Final Words

Lingerie can be found for a wide range of prices, so it’s easy to find something within your budget.

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