Where to Buy Cheap Intimate Lingerie

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Cheap intimates are an ideal way for those on a budget to find some of the sexiest lingerie imaginable. With the advent of the internet, purchasing lingerie has become easier than ever, especially if you know where and how to look. There are many places online that specialize in selling lingerie at discount prices, and knowing what to look for when buying lingerie of any kind can add delight to your intimate apparel choices.


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It’s easy to find the best deals on cheap intimates through online shopping. Simply do an internet search for the store name or product line you are interested in, and browse through the online catalog. You can usually select from a basic selection of sizes, colors, materials, and designs while looking at online lingerie shops. Before purchasing any lingerie online, always read online reviews or chat with other shoppers to see if the store delivers on their promises. You’ll also want to be sure that they provide the lingerie top you’re looking for, because there are a number of different styles and cuts available.

One of the best places to find sexy lingerie at cheap prices is Ebay. There are actually thousands of auctions online where people sell off items they don’t wear anymore, including lingerie. The benefits to purchasing intimate apparel from the auction website are that it’s usually cheap and shipping is usually free. You may also be able to pick up a discounted item or two. Remember though, that although sexy undergarments are generally sold at cheap prices, they still have to be professionally made, so be wary of cheap imitations.

Lingerie Boutiques

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If you aren’t interested in purchasing online, you still have options for finding some of the sexiest lingerie at reasonable prices. Check out sales at lingerie boutiques or outlet malls. Many stores will take discount lingerie as long as it is returned in excellent condition and with proper tags. Be sure to inspect the lingerie before you make the purchase to make sure that all of the necessary measurements are taken, and that the item isn’t just a replica of the item you bought from an on line site.

Many local department stores will have closeout sales. Department stores will often put lingerie that they are trying to sell back on the shelves for cheap, because they don’t have room for every last item they have in their inventory. Another option is to check your local newspapers for advertisements for local closeout sales. These stores will often sell lingerie at very low prices just to get rid of it, and will most likely accept returns if the piece you purchase is unsatisfactory. Make sure you ask the store clerk what the return policies are before buying lingerie at these locations.

Hotels And Motels

Hotels and motels often run sales during vacation seasons. Many hotels and motels will run clearance sales on all sorts of lingerie, from everyday bras and panties to exotic wear. If you know any travelers who travel regularly, this is probably the best place to look for lingerie at a cheap price. You may be able to purchase your favorite brands at a much better price than they are in department stores. Some people try to save as much money as possible by purchasing intimate items at a clearance sale on sites such as eBay. Before making the purchase, always make sure the site has a secure checkout system and that your credit card is not being billed for purchases you did not make.

Bottom Line

A final place to find cheap intimates is at online auctions. There are many popular websites which offer an auction style atmosphere where people will sell their used lingerie for whatever price they want. Often the women will list the sexiest pieces first, so you know what sexy underwear is really worth before bidding. Many times you can also find a wider selection of lingerie at an online auction than you would in a store. Keep in mind that some online auction sites require that you pay through credit card and that shipping charges may apply.

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